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Ethiopia is one of the country which has rich historical heritage in Africa and twelve bio-diversity centers in the world, and visitors who have a special interest in Geology will find the afar area particularly interesting, while a trip to Mount Ertale (the only permanently active volcano in the world with a permanent lava lake) would be a “must” – it can be accessed by road, with the ascent being made on foot with camels carrying the supplies, or by a helicopter flight from Mekele this typical tour would take about 5 days including one day of tigray rock church. A wide-ranging tour, also taking in the Simien Mountains, would take about four to five days. Study tours in areas such as education or health could be made anywhere in the country, since Ethiopia has a number of pilgrimage sites, Christian and Muslim, visited on certain days by thousands (in some places, tens of thousands) of pilgrims. The better known sites include: Mariamtsion Church in Axum, Debre Damo Monastery, Hamad al-egash (site of the first Muslim settlement in the world and beloved the second holy place next of mica and medina), Gabriel Kolubi near Dire Dawa , eracha (traditional religious festival performed by oromya people as transition of year) and Sheikh Hussain near Bale.

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I have been birding with Abiy in Ethiopia many times, and he has helped us in many ways with our research on some of the country's threatened endemics. Abiy is the perfect companion - not only is he an extremely sharp and knowledgable birder,” Read More